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cityscape of Las Vegas strip Aerial view in Nevada at night USA

About Nevada-Sierra PCC

The Nevada Sierra PCC is in the Nevada-Utah District and operates primarily in Las Vegas. Holding PCC Gold and Platinum Status 6 consecutive years, the NSPCC strives to help PCC members and their organizations grow and develop professionally by sharing information about new and existing Postal Service products, programs, regulations, and procedures; we also facilitate the interchange of ideas among mailers and Postal Officials, with various events held throughout the year.

In addition to holding live, in person events, the NSPCC also conducts ZOOM educational webinars, often free of charge, in order to educate and promote cooperation and support between PCC members and others who are dedicated to quality and efficiency in the mailing industry. It is the goal of the NSPCC to help create awareness and foster better communication between the industry and the USPS.

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Awards and Fun Facts


2013 PCC Premier Certificate Award (Bronze Level)
2016 PCC Premier Certificate Award (Gold Level)
2018-2022 PCC Premier Certificate Award (Gold Level)
2018-2022 PCC Premier Certificate Award (Platinum Level)

Some fun facts about the Las Vegas Area that you may not know are:

  1. The Las Vegas Strip isn’t in Las Vegas!
  2. There’s 1 slot machine for every 4 Las Vegas residents
  3. An abandoned city lies below Lake Mead
  4. California sends the most US tourists to Las Vegas
  5. Approximately 300 weddings are held per day in Las Vegas
  6. The Luxor’s sphinx is bigger than the original in Egypt