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The Greater Spokane Postal Customer Council is in the Washington District and covers Spokane and outlying areas on the East Side of the beautiful Cascade Mountains. Over the last few years, the GSPCC has experienced difficulties due to the pandemic, but our meetings have resumed to provide the great benefits of PCC to our local businesses again. The GSPCC meets frequently in-person as well as on zoom to provide educational training, networking opportunities, and tours. Our members will be the first to learn about new Postal Products and preferred pricing to help achieve cost-effective and profitable mailings. Our Postal Customer Council provides an enjoyable and rewarding opportunity to learn, network and grow and offers expert advice to all your mailing needs.

Join us today and find out how the GSPCC can support you and your organization!

Fun and historical facts about the United States Postal Service

  • The USPS has a facility dedicated to the deciphering of bad handwriting
  • One route in Supai, Arizona still uses mules to deliver mail
  • Megan Brennan was the first female Postmaster General
  • USPS reports around 6,000 dog attacks on our carriers each year
  • Zip was introduced to urge customers to use the five-digit ZIP. Within 4 years he was well known among the American People.
  • USPS employees travel a total of 1.2 billion miles a year to deliver mail and packages
  • In 1993, the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum opened to dedicate the preservation, study and presentation of postal history and philately