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Postal Customer Council of Hawaii

Founded in 1996, the Postal Customer Council of Hawaii (or the Hawaii PCC) has long been the cornerstone of the partnership between Hawaii businesses large and small and the United States Postal Service.

Based on the Hawaiian principles of LŌKAHI (unity), ʻIKELOA (seeking knowledge) and LAULIMA (working together in cooperation toward a common goal), the Hawaii PCC labors tirelessly through its Postal and Industry representatives and partners to further the aim of mailing services in reaching the hundreds of thousands of residents stretched across the Polynesian archipelago, from Hawaii in the east and American Sāmoa in the south to the furthest westward reaches of the U.S. in Rota, Saipan and Guam.

Our greatest strength is our sense of ALOHA, which permeates our island home, our lives, and our way of doing business.  We work together to ensure that our PCC, our district, and our customers feel this sense of ALOHA in all that we do. 



2022 Premier Certificate Award (Bronze)

2022 PCC Postal Member of the Year

2021 Premier Certificate Award (Bronze)

2020 Premier Certificate Award (Bronze)

2019 Premier Certificate Award (Bronze)

2018 Premier Certificate Award (Bronze)

2018 Education Program Excellence (BRONZE)


~Hawaii is the most diverse state in the country, with no one ethnicity making up more than 21% of the population.

~Hawaii is snake-free.

~The average Hawaii resident consumes five cans of Spam each year.

~Hawaii is the only state with two official languages, English and Hawaiian.

~Maui’s Haleakalā is the worldʻs largest dormant volcano.

~You can mail a coconut from Hawaiiʻs post offices.

~Honoluluʻs ʻIolani Palace is the only royal residence in the country and was powered by electricity years before the White House.