The PCC Is a Postal Sponsored Organization

Helping Educate Mailers in the West Pacific Area

The PCC Is a Postal Sponsored Organization

Helping Educate Mailers in the West Pacific Area

Promoting Cooperation Among Postal Service Providers

Welcome to the West PAC Postal Customer Council’s Website.

The West PAC Postal Customer Council’s website was built to help educate mailers throughout the Western area on how to best use USPS services.

There are many advantages to participating in PCC events and becoming part of the PCC. Click on the PCC tab that is nearest to you for more information on their next meeting.


The Benefits of a PCC Membership

It's "nice" to belong to a PCC!

Networking - Hear how to put others' best practices to use for you.
Information - Help your business be more productive.
Communications - Interact with mailers, vendors, and postal service personnel.
Education - Learn how the postal service can help your business become more profitable.

All businesses that use mail as communication and fulfillment media with their customers will benefit from the PCC's regular networking forums to maintain a close working relationship with their postmasters and other postal managers.

These events provide opportunities to meet other mailers, mailing experts, vendors from the mailing and fulfillment industry, and managers from the postal service to discuss issues that affect a single business or the entire mailing industry.

PCC members communicate information, ideas, and best practice suggestions on new postal service products and services and their own internal operations. This interaction provides productive money-saving and revenue-generating ideas to enhance their use of postal service products and services to meet their business needs.

To expand resources for the Postal Customer Council (PCC) community, the PCC Program Office has created a LinkedIn group, PCC Voice. PCC Voice is a group page on the LinkedIn social media platform dedicated to the PCC community for both postal and industry members. It serves as a great tool to help PCCs grow and stay connected.

We would like to ask for your help promoting PCC Voice by not only joining yourself, but also encouraging your customers to join as well. When you join PCC Voice, you gain access to a community focused on:

• Connecting with new and existing customers and PCC members
• Learning about USPS updates and information
• Exchanging innovative ideas
• Learning about upcoming PCC events

The PCC is a great resource for Postal customers to learn about Postal Service products, services, and innovations. In addition, the PCC provides a forum for Postal customers to network with like-minded professionals and with Postal leadership to grow their business. If any of your customers are not a member of the PCC, we encourage you to invite them to join a local chapter and join PCC Voice.

We have 144 PCCs across the country to choose from. Here’s how to Join PCC Voice:

• If you currently have a LinkedIn account use this link to join the group