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Sierra Coastal

About the PCC

The Sierra Coastal Postal Customer Council is an organization that works to facilitate communication between the United States Postal Service (USPS) and its customers. The Sierra Coastal (SRC) PCC is made up of representatives from local businesses, organizations, and individuals who have an interest in the USPS and its services. The PCC works to provide educational resources and networking opportunities for its members, as well as to promote the USPS and its services to the local community.
The PCC’s goal is to encourage local cooperation and build a close relationship between the USPS and businesses of all sizes. Striving to share information, the PCC facilitates the exchange of information on USPS programs, products, services, and procedures that impact anyone who uses the mail. Caring about the community, the PCC assists industry members and their organizations to grow and develop professionally through educational programs, networking opportunities, and expanding their reach.

The SRC PCC works closely with the USPS to provide feedback on its services and to help identify areas for improvement. By working together, the PCC and the USPS are able to ensure that the USPS is meeting the needs of its customers and providing the highest level of service possible.

As a postal customer, you are invited to become an active member in one of the most productive and effective mailing organizations around. The PCC is a valuable resource for all local businesses, large and small.