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About the Santa Ana PCC

Established in the early 1970s, the Santa Ana Postal Customer Council (PCC) embodies the spirit of collaboration and partnership between the United States Postal Service and businesses of all sizes across the California 4 District. Representing a diverse 1260 square mile area in Southern California, the Santa Ana District PCC covers the Pasadena Area, the Inland Empire, and Orange County, stretching from the mountains to the sea.

Throughout the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Santa Ana District PCC has remained steadfast in its commitment to connecting and supporting its members, adapting to virtual communications via emails, postcards, and Zoom.

The Santa Ana District PCC prides itself on creating personal connections that bring people together, fostering a sense of community and engagement. Our annual events, such as the July BBQ & Tour and September PCC Day, attract significant attendance and enthusiasm from our members.

With a mailing list of over 2200 and an email distribution list of more than 120, the Santa Ana District PCC boasts an impressive track record of achievements, including numerous awards for communication, membership, and program excellence.

Our PCC is driven by the dedication of our established committees in Education, Communication, and Membership, and the tireless efforts of our leadership team, including Postal Co-Chair Robert Fernandez, Industry Co-Chair David Rich, and other key members.

Join the Santa Ana PCC today and become part of a vibrant, collaborative community working together to enhance mailing services and build lasting connections in Southern California.

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Awards and Fun Facts


2022 PCC of the Year, Large Market

2021 Communication Program Excellence(Silver)

2020 PCC Postal Member of the Year(Bronze)

2019 PCC Membership Excellence(Gold)

2017 District Manager of the Year (Bronze)

2010 –2022 PCC Premier Certificate Award (Gold Level)

2014 –2022 PCC Premier Certificate Award (Platinum Level)

Some fun facts about the Santa Ana area that you may not know are:

  1. Before Santa Ana became an actual city in 1869, it was a mustard field sitting in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Nearly 31% of the population of Santa Ana is under 18 years old, which makes it officially one the youngest cities in the nation.
  3. When Native Americans inhabited it over 1500 years ago, the city was originally named Hotuuk.
  4. William Henry Spurgeon, also known as Uncle Billy, is credited with founding the city of Santa Ana, CA. Spurgeon was also the first mayor and Postmaster for the town.